HipHip Artist Collab Interview - Julika

Please tell us about yourself and your profession, your relevant studies or how you ended up doing what you do…where are you based and where do you publish your works?

    I’m born and raised in The Netherlands, but currently based in Budapest. I do have some Transilvanian roots in me. However, I grew up only with the Dutch language mostly. Hence, a magyarom nem elég jól, bocsi!:)
    I finished my Bachelor’s and Master’s course in communication sciences, focused on Media Studies. Maybe that explains my interest in visuals and the power of social media foremost. Drawing is something I did all my life from the moment I could hold a pen. From stick puppets to Sesame Street characters to doodles and other cartoons all the way to where I arrived now. All self taught, I didn’t follow any art studies (besides those couple art classes during high school).

    Almost everything that I create I share on my social media. Right now you can find me on Facebook (@julciilustrations) and Instagram (@julci).

     How would you describe your style and how did it evolve to its current form?

    The current style I do enjoy is called ’dotwork’. It’s a convenient art style as you’re good to go with just a piece of paper, pencil, eraser and a black fineliner. That’s how I started my dotwork journey. But soon I figured out that the smaller the tip of the pen, the more detailed the drawings will become. And so I moved on the a range of pens with the tiniest tips that can be a fraction of a mm. 

     Has anyone had an influence on your work? Do your followers have an effect on your work, or do they inspire you in any way?

    One of my biggest sources of inspiration during my art journey must be Iain MacArthur. His works influenced me a lot in the beginning. His style shows a lot of tribal patterns, but also some dotwork here and there. Where in the beginning I tried to copy his style, I figured out throughout the years my own thing:)
    And of course the followers and other fellow illustrators on Facebook and Instagram do give me plenty of inspiration. It’s very useful in case of art blocks. But the person with the most crazy ideas must be my dad! He always comes up with cool reference pictures and the illustration I create are in most cases very well received by the audience.

    How does your workflow look like? Please give us some insight how you get from the initial idea tot he final piece?

    It all starts with the reference picture. Sometimes I get it delivered from the requester of the commision. Other than that, dear Pinterest is my best friend for reference pictures. Based on that I start to sketch the outlines with a pencil, and then the dots are happening. I put them closer together when it needs to be darker, and more distanced when the ’colour’ needs to be lighter. Sounds pretty easy, right?;)

     What advice would you give to someone interested in working in your field or to your younger self?

    If you are a creator (in any form), and you’re not sharing it yet, please start. If creating things makes you happy, I’m sure it will make the people in the rest world as well. Sharing creations creates conversations with people from all places, which can result in new adventures, collaborations or even friendships!

     Our Artist Collab Campaign is an attempt to change old customer habits, and is aiming at discovering new attitudes towards consumption. Have your habits as a customer changed in the last few years in one way or another?

    Especially in these times of the pandemic (not only me but I’m sure there are more people are with me in this) we became more conscious of supporting the small, local businesses around us. Instead of heading out to the bigger supermarkets for example, I started to order my fresh produce from the smaller local startups and delivery companies. This is something that I definitely will keep doing, pandemic or not.

      What are your plans – big or little – for the future?

      My biggest dream is of course to create a living out making art for everyone. Right now this is my hobby and besides that I do have a full time job that I truly enjoy as well. Together with the earnings of comission requests that I receive I try to save as much as I can so that I can invest it back in equipment for making illustrations and art prints/stickers/etc which I can sell again. I’m not going to rush myself in this process, I like to grow it organically and in a slower pace, with this I keep it fun for myself:)


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